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Over the past 10 years, Auto Loan Finance has painstakingly assembled one of the largest networks of leading national auto finance companies and automobile dealerships, providing access to multiple auto loan financing options to consumers that want to purchase a new or used car or other vehicles. Our nationwide auto finance lender network is committed to helping consumers get the best national car loans same day approval at the best terms and lowest rates.

Our car loan programs are available to all consumers, regardless of credit score, guaranteed. Having a good credit score will insure that you get the lowest rates possible. However, if you have bankruptcy, repossession, or other bad credit in the recent past, we have multiple bad credit auto loan programs with very competitive interest rates available for you as well. We also facilitate you with blank check car financing

Our natiowide auto loan dealers are specilize in auto loans for individuals having less than perfect credit rating, allowing them to obtain their car with affordable rates, while reestablishing their credit. Do You Have Bad Credit? Click Here to Get Approved

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Getting good national car loan rates from an auto finance lender is not just luck, but rather a skill that you should learn. There are good car loan rates available to you if you know the tricks of the trade and how to negotiate the best possible deal for yourself. Remember, you shouldn't be afraid or nervous when trying to negotiate for a loan from a national auto loan lender because you're going to be saving yourself money in the process. That should give the courage and motivation that you need to get the best possible car loan rate available. Follow these easy suggestions in order to guide yourself in buying a new vehicle and negotiating your car loan rate of interest.

Tip #1 Buy your car at the end of the month

Purchasing your vehicle at the end of the month, when the sales staff has sales deadlines to meet can put you in the position of being able to negotiate a better price, interest rate, and other terms of your car loan. An auto dealership will often lower the price, or give better terms, in an urgency to get you to sign during the last few days of the month. Also, auto dealerships often have contests between the sales staff to see who can sell the most. These almost always run monthly. So, with that said, you should be able to negotiate a better price on your vehicle during the last day or two of the month. The lower the cost of your car, the less you’ll be paying on your car loan.

Tip #2 If you don’t have good credit…

Whether you have a high credit score, a low credit score, or no credit history at all, will obviously have an impact on your car loan rate quote,affecting the interest rate and terms, and in the end, what you will be paying every month. If you have excellent credit, go buy a car whenever and wherever you want, because you have a reason to be able to negotiate a great deal on the car that you want. After all, the dealer will not see you as a risk because you have earned a high credit score. If, on the other hand, you have poor credit or no credit you will need to obtain your loan in most cases through a sub prime auto loan lender. Sub prime auto lenders will usually charge you a higher interest rate, and there may be some other less attractive terms as well. However, while you will end up paying a higher rate, this only has to be temporary, because after making your payments on time for several months or longer, you can renegotiate your interest rate with your current lender, or look for a auto loan refinance option. The lenders in our network are more than happy to work with consumers that have had past credit problems, bankruptcy, or even repossessions.

Tip #3 Negotiate your national auto finance

When you apply to any large national auto loan company be sure not to let them know how much money you really are capable of spending per month on your guaranteed auto loan. You should be a little vague about that number. Don’t lay all of your cards on the table to start with. If the salesman knows your outer limits, he will have that point in mind and will push you towards it. Try not to accept the first offer that comes your way, and be certain that your salesman knows you are shopping with their competition also to compare rates. Consider making as large of a down payment as you are able. This is helpful for two reasons. First, the more that you put down, the less that you owe. Secondly, you can demand a lower interest rate if you put more money down because this will make you less of a risk to the lender.

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